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Founded long ago, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation flourished into the largest galactic colonization and terraforming organization in the known systems.  What started as a dream was made a reality by Michael Weyland.  After the Hadley's Hope incident his son, Chase Weyland, seized control of the Corporation and made sweeping changes, including destroying all evidence of and firing all staff involved with the Bio-Weapons Division that had been responsible for the loss of so many innocent lives.  Now, under the leadership of CEO Chase Weyland and the other Officers, the Corporation has entered into a partnership with Starfleet Command and the Klingon High Council, becoming the only organization contracted by both to perform colonization and terraforming projects, as well as deep space hauling.  The Weyland-Yutani Joint Space Venture was born.

Although still technically Starfleet commanding officers, the captains of the vessels associated with the Venture have been granted special dispensation by Starfleet to also act on behalf of the Corporation, constructing, maintaining, and defending fleet holdings.  They are not employees of the Corporation, but work closely with them, and hold roles in the Venture itself similar to what would be found in the structure of the Corporation.
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Hadley's Hope to Receive Upgrade!

Jaros0, Oct 9, 13 3:25 AM.
Congratulations to everyone once again...due to hard work and a lot of time spent, our Embassy Tier 1 Upgrade project is now running.

The Leadership would like to extend a very special thanks to two amazing members:  One and Bishop.  These two have contributed whopping amounts of dilithium when everyone's reserves were running low, and have gotten these projects completed.  We couldn't have done it without either of them!

With all of your help, I see a Tier 3 starbase in our very near future!  Let's keep up the great work!

Furina 161 Tier 1 Running!

Jaros0, Sep 26, 13 8:04 PM.
Congratulations to all members of the Weyland-Yutani Joint Space Venture!  The Dilithium Mine Tier 1 project is running and as of the time of this post has just over 2 and a half days to go!  A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed, with special note to Daizee who is the current top contributor...your help means benefits for the whole fleet now and in the days and years to come!

In addition, our beloved Gateway Station is getting a bit of a boost, the Tier 2 Transwarp Conduit project is running as well, and has just over 3 days till completion.  A big thanks to the contributors for that as well, and to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers who are working hard to get it ready by the deadline.

We still need dilithium for the Recruitment Tier 1 project on Hadley's Hope, then the Tier 1 project will be available for contributions.  Let's get it built, people!  The Weyland-Yutani Corporation has a reputation to uphold!
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